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Alliance is a private and secure place to share files and communicate with people you know. It is easy to use and free.

Technically Alliance takes the best parts of BitTorrent (advanced multi-source downloading), DirectConnect (community) and WASTE (security).

With Alliance users create their own networks. You can either start a new network or get invited into an existing network by another Alliance user.


Chat with your coworkers or friends in a secure and private way.

Notice that you can send links in the chat that point to files in your Alliance network.

Find files

Search for files in your network of coworkers or friends using the decentralized high-speed search engine.

Notice the search columns "Days Ago", "Speed". Days ago shows how many days ago this file entered the network. Speed gives you an approximation of the download speed for this file.

View what files your friends are sharing.

Download files
Download files securely and at high speeds.

File transfers use BitTorrent-like technology. Files can be downloaded from multiple sources and uploaded to others at the same time.

Connect to friends
Connect to your coworkers or friends using the simple connection wizard

Alliance is free and open source. It works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Alliance is completely decentralized.

Encryption is an important part of Alliance. Robust encryption (AES over SSL) has been implemented and is available as an experimental option in Alliance. By default Alliance runs on a very simplistic encryption algorithm. Even with the simple encryption Alliance is more secure than normal P2P networks since you only connect to your trusted friends.

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