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Q) Is it true that I should be using the latest Beta instaid of V1.0.6? If so why?
A) Yes. V1.0.6 was released several years ago and has many bugs and memory leaks that you wont find in the latest Beta. Work on Alliance P2P still continues but we dont feel we're ready to release a new version yet even though the beta can be considered stable enough for release. You can find the latest beta exe and jar files here http://code.google.com/p/alliancep2pbeta/.

Q) Why don't I see anyone else. I only see one person on my list?
A) If you where not invited into an existing network you need to invite friends to your network. Remember that Alliance is a friend-2-friend network - you need to invite people to your network. Click on the "Add friends" button in the top left corner of the Alliance window.

Q) How do I port forward and why is it needed?
A) Go here to find guides on how to portforward for your router http://portforward.com/guides.htm. It is needed for full connection between you and other people. Without port forwarding you may encounter problems connecting to people.

Q) How do I shut alliance down?
A) The best thing to do is to put Alliance in background mode. In this mode Alliance is very conservative with memory and CPU usage. On windows simply select File>Hide Window. Alliance will then be put in background mode. It might take a minute or two but after a while the Alliance icon will be shown in your system tray.

If you want to completely shut down Alliance right mouse click the tray icon found at the bottom of your screen. Choose whether you want to "Shut down forpever" or shut down for 30 or so minutes.

Q) How do I minimize Alliance to the system tray?
A) On windows click file>hide window.

Q) Why do the hashes of files that I have saved on an external hard drive get removed from Alliance?
A) If The external hard drive is not on before Alliance is started, Alliance will remove the hashes since it thinks the files no longer exist. So be sure to have your external on at all times.

Q) Can I change the port alliance uses in the settings.xml file?
A) Please don't do this if you have friends already added to your list or people already have you on their list. If you do, then no one that has you will be able to connect to you since their settings.xml file has the old port you used. You can edit the settings.xml file if your new and no one has you on their list yet. Make sure that Alliance is not running while you edit settings.xml.

Q) How do I clear the chat log?
A) In the directory that you installed Alliance (by default its C:\Program Files\Alliance) go into the data folder and delete the core.dat file. Make sure to only do this when Alliance is off. When this file is deleted any invitations you have sent out to friends will be deleted too.

Q) Is there a network list I can use to join existing networks or post my code to invite people to join mine?
A) Yes, there is an unofficial network list here http://ordway.ath.cx:5121/alliance/. It allows anyone to make an account and post their reusable network code. The list is frequently upgraded with new features so be sure to check it often to see whatís new. Also all network codes that are older then 100 days will be cleaned from the database. If you wish to keep your code on the network it is advised that you log in every 80 days and click update. This way the date changes and your code wont be removed for another 100 days.

Q) Why does my client say I'm only hosting xxMBs when I'm really hosting way more.
A) Click the little refresh button once. Its a blue button above your buddy list. This will refresh the list of friends in your network - including information about yourself. If it still is incorrect try to rescan your share. This is done by clicking on the small refresh icon in the bottom right corner of the window. Ask a friend to see how much youíre really sharing. Iím sure it will be the correct amount.

Q) Why doesnít the network topology work anymore?
A) This feature has been disabled in the public stable builds simply because it caused Alliance to crash. In the future the feature should be fixed and made available for use.

Q) I removed some files but they still show in my shared folder. How do I permanently remove them so people don't accidentally try and download non-existing files?
A) This problem does not happen anymore in version 1.0.0 or newer, however if you are using an older version you can open the debug console (press ctrl-y or select View-Debug->Console). In the console type: "sl (keywords)" replace (keywords) with the keywords you want to search for. If you search this way once a day the non-existent files will disappear from your share. We suggest searching by extension (ex. sl *.AVI or sl *.jpg).

This FAQ is maintained by DeathfireD. Don't hesitate to send him comments or suggestions.

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